Orange Candles


Orange oil is an important “aromatherapy” tool. It has many properties that support the treatment of various ailments and conditions – from inflammation to reduced libido or depression.
The aromatherapy is especially valued for its sedative properties, harmonizing and stabilizing the nervous system. The smell of the oil stimulates appetite the digestive system. Aromatizing the air with essential oils helps to overcome the gastrointestinal complaints.
Orange Oil helps fight depressive conditions and related drowsiness, lack of desire to act. This is achieved not only by smell, but also by detoxifying properties. Strengthens immunity because it helps to remove toxins from the body.
Orange is one of the natural means of calmness, helping to relax



Handmade, natural soya wax candle.
Pure natural ingredients free from pesticides and herbicides
100% vegan product
Carbon neutral
Clean burning
Lavender essential oils

Size :
mini candle 9 cl (<100g) perfect for travel or aromatherapy in your bathroom
medium home candle 20 cl (~165g)

Perfect for bedroom or living room.

Glass jar

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg

mini size, medium size


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